Thursday, June 14, 2007

Paul Charming

I caught Ron Paul's interview on the Colbert Report tonight. Just one week after his appearance on The Daily Show, Ron Paul rocked Stewart's compatriot's far more absurd, but still delightful, show. Paul continues to demonstrate improvement in his television appearances. His principles are sound, which would be enough if only rational people voted, but universal suffrage requires appealing to the O'Reilly/Hannity crowd. But Paul is not bereft of charm, which could serve him well in the fight to come.

I hesitate to express signs of hope, but Paul is the first candidate I've ever believed in sincerely. Two things which cool my idyllic attitude:

1) The President can only do so much. Even supposing Paul wins, he still needs to get Congress to pass laws so that he can sign them into law. That said, Paul would still have the chance to nominate genuine conservative judges for the Supreme Court. In addition, if the Republicans and the Democrats team up to over-ride Paul's veto, the people will finally understand that the two parties are, for all practical purposes, one and the same. If Paul can do nothing as President, the Republic is doomed; but the Republic is probably doomed anyway. With Paul at the helm, we gain one last chance to steer clear of the pending ice berg.

2) The Republicans will never let Paul gain the nomination. He's too difficult to control. Bush was nominated because he was too naive to do anything to oppose the Powers That Be. Paul has been a member of Congress for ten years; he has compiled a record of strict constructionalism, or the closest approximation thereto since perhaps Jefferson. If the people really had a say, I'd have substantial hope for Paul, but I have strong doubts regarding the power which the people hold in this waning Republic of ours.

But I am reminded of a Chesterton quip: "Exactly at the instant when hope ceases to be reasonable it begins to be useful." The best of luck and God's blessings on Ron Paul's attempt to become our next President.

UPDATE: The Ron Paul supporters have provided my fine readers, such as they are, with a handy link. Enjoy.

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