Tuesday, September 16, 2008


PJ and I have wrapped up Mill. My thanks to all who participated. He's been busy with school, but we have plans to similarly discuss another book when he can find the time. Being an engineer, and thus lacking a social life, I can usually squeeze room into my schedule.

Meanwhile, I'm searching for something to encourage me to write more frequently. Writing weekly for the paper was both enjoyable and helpful. It is not so much that I miss writing the columns themselves, but that the assignment focused my energy and allowed me to be productive. Now, it seems, my writing has fallen by the wayside.

Still, it can be beneficial not to have to write. After all, one can only write so many pieces about Ron Paul, especially when he is no longer in the race. The news being dominated by the presidential circus, it can be difficult to bring oneself to discuss something more substantial.

But I do have a few thoughts to offer. First, the Palin pick was brilliant. I loathe John McCain; he is a statist, a warmongerer, and a dirty Washington insider. The Republicans were right to reject him in 2000, and it is a sign of how far the party has fallen that he is now their standard bearer. That said, the pick was brilliant.

Palin has locked up, and even excited, the always gullible base. Her pro-life positions have caused Dr. Dobson to reverse his stance on McCain; sheeplike, the evangelicals, and other conservative Christians, will be sure to follow. The fact that she is largely unknown--or was until quite recently--proved a boon; all of the attention was taken off Obama and directed at Palin.
Her lack of experience was juxtaposed against his, with the result that McCain emerges from the fray as the most ready to lead.

The attack dogs of the press immediately went after Palin, but this may backfire. Even people like myself who despise McCain cannot help but smile as the snide media elites are forced to watch Obama's poll numbers plummet. Further, the attacks will cause women, including disenchanted Hillary supporters, to vote for McCain. Barring a disaster during the debates, what looked like a sure thing for Obama should end up with the election of John McCain.

Meanwhile, my Twins are in another penant race. The Packers look good, especially if they can avoid costly penalties, and Aaron Rodgers is quickly becoming a very soild quarterback. The fall should prove to be, at the least, entertaining.