Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Nonsense From Moore

Notes Ben Smith:

But his conclusion is that she sold out. After her defeat in the first Clinton term, he says, she fell silent on the issue. And "for her silence, Hillary was rewarded. And she has been the second-largest recipient in the Senate of healthcare industry contributions."

I hesitate to resort to ad hominem attacks, but Michael Moore is a tremendous buffoon. The nation was not ready for socialized medicine in '94, but a timely terrorist attack has people fearing Islamofascists--whatever they are--more than their own government, making the American people more than ready this time around.

The other day Tucker Carlson made a good point in regards to the Republican presidential debate. For the record, I don't watch Tucker because I don't watch TV but I've been known to watch clips of Ron Paul related material over at youtube. Anyway, Tucker played a clip of Tommy Thompson, delineating which government program he would cut when he was president. Thompson highlighted a program which was so insignificant that neither I, who follow politics fairly closely, not Tucker, who follows them much more intensely, had ever heard of it. Meanwhile, Ron Paul started slashing whole departments left and right.

It is unfair to see Ron Paul as a crazy libertarian. His stance on economic issues is similar to the verbal commitments of Ronald Reagan, whom the party adores. His stance on foreign policy is consistent with traditional Republicanism, if not with recent party politics; moreover it is a stance with resonates with the American people. What Paul illustrates very well is how the definition of "big government" is constantly in flux. He also demonstrates why conservatism inevitably fails. It is not enough to maintain the status quo; one must reduce the size of the leviathan. Only Paul proposes to do this.

Moore needs to relax. A Republican who will accept the creation of the Homeland Security Department will eventually allow the feds to run health-care as well. Hillary will use all of the money she's gathered from those evil corporations to fund her ascent to the throne. Once seated, we will all get a chance to experience a little more socialism in our lives.

That the scheme will fail once implemented is as undeniable as it is beside the point. To realize why letting the government control such a large segment of the economy is a profoundly bad idea Moore will need to read enough history to realize the dangers of power. Why someone who hates Bush as much as he does would trust a system which elected him (or appointed him, whatever) to run health-care is utterly beyond me. I can't see trusting anybody who would be able to win the presidency, but if you trust the gal with the D next to her name you have to realize that the guy with the R will get to run the program she enacted. Such blind, naive, drunken optimism is truly appalling.

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