Saturday, October 08, 2016

Politicians and Their Crimes

"For I know that counter-revolution, like revolution, could have been avoided, if kings and politicians and capitalists had all confessed their sins before we discovered their crimes." - G. K. Chesterton, Things We Don't Know About European History

It would be an exaggeration to suggest that we are in the midst of a revolution.  But it would not be going too far to suggest that many of the citizens are in a revolutionary mood.  Whatever the case, our politicians and capitalists aren't even remotely ready to confess their sins--even though we have discovered their crimes.

After the banking sector ruined the economy, the political class printed money and handed it out the very people who had caused the ruin.  If the foreclosure rate went up, at least few banks went under.  For all our talk of political divide, the bailout was supported by both parties.  On minor matters, the Republicans and the Democrats quibble, but when it comes to the important things, they agree that the nation should continue to be run at the behest of the financial elites.

The latest Trump scandal, like every one before it, promises to sink the populist candidate.  It seems the real estate mogul, who has twice exchanged his wife for a newer model, was recorded saying unseemly things about women.  I rather doubt if anyone is even remotely surprised.

The press continues to belabor under the misconception that the American people are ignorant Trump's character.  Hence their insistence on offering sordid details about his personal life as evidence of his shortcomings.  But the case for Trump has very little to do with his virtue.  Instead, the support has much more to do with Chesterton's quote above.  The petulant children who run our country need to be punished.  Trump is the best stick with which to whack the political class.

For that class continues to maintain that they have done no wrong.  The masters of the universe are governing well, and we ought to be grateful for their disinterested service.  After all, the abstraction known as the economy is doing well.  The government manipulated unemployment rate has fallen.  Sure, labor participation rates are near historic lows, but GDP and the stock market are up.

Apparently the plan is to help carry Hillary over the finish line so business can continue as usual.  To this end, the political class, the capitalists and the fourth estate known as the media are united.  The last in particular has brazenly jettisoned any pretense to objectivity.  So long as Trump is stopped, the journalists will have done their job.  The assumption seems to be that if Trump is defeated, the forces he has summoned will dissipate.

What the elites have not considered is what happens if they do not.  As long as the plunderers fail to confess their crimes and sin no more, it seems unlikely that the people will be placated.  On the contrary, if Trump fails, they will turn to an even worse fellow to break a system which no longer serves their needs.  It seems strange to say, but après Trump le déluge.