Monday, March 14, 2005

This Is Important?

I am a fan of baseball, and I'm troubled about recent allegations of steroid use among a number of players. Still, I'm a little surprised that Congress sees this as an important priority.

There has to be something else for our representatives to do, right? I don't know, how about social security? There's always healthcare. Or, if they're all feeling really productive, they could always balance the budget.

But no, in today's day and age, steroids are too serious an issue for Congress to ignore. Apparently, our representatives on the Hill can't sleep if a problem exists that the Feds don't have their hands in.

MyWayNews Article

Seven players, including Sosa and McGwire--though strangely not Bonds--have been subpoenaed and, at least according to one Congressman, may face jail time if they fail to show.

The reasoning behind this massive waste of time: "baseball's steroid problem was part of a growing public health crisis that threatens children." Ah, yes, the classic, "it's for the kids" card. I'm not sure when it became government policy to worry about children's role models. Last I checked, that wasn't covered in the Constitution.

Not that we care about that archaic document anymore.

It'd be nice if our representatives, I don't know, did something important and/or useful for a change. I'll try not to be unduly idealistic.

Maybe I should just be happy, they're not actually "working". When that happens, they end up spending our money. I'd rather keep mine.

After all, baseball starts in a couple of weeks and I don't have tickets yet.

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