Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dean is Wrong... Again

Howard Dean was in Canada recently, spreading his message: "The majority is on our side. We need to figure out how to talk differently about these issues."

Toronto Star Article

May I suggest an alternative hypothesis?

I realize Dean isn't going to admit that he's wrong on the issues, but to say that "the majority is on our side" sounds a bit far-fetched to me.

Consider the evidence: Bush is widely recognized, however falsely, for destorying the Clinton boom. While unemployment was historically low, there was a sense that all this "out-sourcing" didn't loom well for the economy. The Dow and Nasdaq were much lower than when Bush took office, and Bush's tax cuts had created few jobs.

Then there was Iraq. Popularity for Bush's war has diminished from the beginning, and he was far short of a mandate when it started. Historically, the two most important factors in a presidential election are the economy and war, or lack therof.

Yet Al Gore was unable to ride the Clinton economy into the White House. John Kerry then faltered four years later against a President who wasn't all that popular.

Maybe it's not the message. Maybe, the people of this country are just more "conservative" than Dean thinks. Maybe Americans identify with that simple cowboy from Texas because of his message.

For now, Americans seems to prefer to associate with the elephant. After all, aside from eight years under Clinton it's been almost thirty years since the last Democrat occupied the White House.

Dean can spin it anyway he wants, but Americans aren't quite ready for socialism just yet. If the majority were truly on his side, one would think his party would win once in awhile. As it is, his party, and his ideas, are esteemed by a minority in this country.

All the rhetoric in the world won't change that.


Loyal Achates said...

Dean is not a socialist, first of all. but he's right that hte majority of Americans are on his side.

75% support a Canadian-style health-care system.

59% support a withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

89% think we need stronger environmental laws.

65% think we should leave social security as it is.

The Republicans have been able to take control for two main reasons: 1, they've spread fear and paranoia among the American people, false claiming that only they could keep people safe while at the same time playing on people's bigotries, and 2. the Democratic party has been extremely incompetent in capitalizing on their strengths, choosing instead to strive for the middle ground, leaving their base to founder.

A Wiser Man Than I said...

I'd be curious to see where you get your statistics. Until then, I'll refrain from commenting.

Loyal Achates said...

Pardon me, the number supporting Canadian health care is actually 80%, even if it means higher taxes. Support for universal health care under any circumstances is still a sizable majority at 62%:

59% for troop withdrawal:

Stronger environmental laws (parodn me, it's only 81%):

Social security:

And let's not even start on the enormous support for a higher minimum wage.