Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Roast the Environmentalists

I personally am all for this proposal:

With all the fuss over global warming, we should circulate census forms asking each person if they believe humans are causing global warming. If they believe, we should cap the amount of gasoline they use per month. If they over-use, they should be taxed for the damage they are doing to our planet.

All the false show-environmentalism I see everywhere should evaporate fairly soon.

If anyone objects, I ask you: Why are you burning fossil fuels? And why do you hate mother nature?


rshams said...

I had the same negative reaction to loyal_achates' military proposal as you did.

But instead of posting a sarcastic parallel post, how about addressing some of the real issues surrounding conservation of resources - which relate both to the preservation of the environment and our unhealthy dependence on Arab oil?

Loyal Achates said...

I agree with this idea, but I think it should apply to everyone, not just self-described environmentalists.

After all, war can usually be contained to a certain geographic area. If the ice caps melt, we're all screwed.

rshams said...

Don't you think the educational initiatives should come before the forced lifestyle changes? I wonder what percentage of the population actually know the severity of the threat. I agree that those changes must take place, but not because of forced measures by the government.

Loyal Achates said...

By the time we educate people, it might be too late.

besides, most people are aware of the environmental damage, thye just don't care.

Unadulterated Underdog said...

Thank you for visiting my site Loyal Achates! I agree Republicans can be defeated with a little honesty and elbow grease but it's convincing everyone else they don't have to be like the Republicans to win... that GOP myth is a hard one to overcome.
Feel free to visit my site anytime! Cheers!