Monday, March 14, 2005

Illegals, Power Plants, and Other Harmless Things

Call them xenophobes, but Michael Savage and Pat Buchanan may be right. Lax border control will one day hurt this country badly, and the evidence of our vulnerability is here.

Washington Times Article

Illegal aliens were able to gain employment at a Florida nuclear facility using false social security numbers. Representative Ginny Brown-Waite, a Florida Republican is clamoring for action.

According to the Times: "...the incident illustrated the need for the Senate to pass the REAL ID act, which passed the House in February and sets national standards for the use of driver's licenses in federal facilities -- an incentive for states to make sure applicants are in the country legally."

Not bad, but here's a better idea: don't let the illegals into the country to begin with. Put U.S. armed forces on the border. If we don't have sufficient numbers to do this, we may need to quit over-extending U.S. troops.

Corporations demands for cheap labor have paralyzed the government from doing it's duty to protect the borders of the United States. Perhaps this will serve as a wake up call to our representatives. Being a stooge to special interests ensures reelection, but it's a poor excuse for civic responsibility.

Maybe being hit again will be the only thing that will wake this country up. Until we secure our borders we will not be safe. And while absolute safety is only an illusion of a utopian society, it's still a good goal to strive for.

Instead of trading liberty for safety--read: Patriot Act--we should encourage any measure that increases safety without diminishing liberty. Enforcing laws restricting immigration is a neccesart measure for any country, and one that we should not take to so lightly.

Unless we're not bothered with illegals in nuclear power plants. If that's the case, keep fiddling, but I assure you Rome is burning.


Loyal Achates said...

There are legal immigranst in extremely sensitive areas of the country's infrastructure. If their characterd check out, what's the problem? Does being born outside the US make one a traitor? Does being born in the US make you loyal?

Those illegal immigrants are just in search of employment, and our economy depends on them getting it. I'd focus on the lax security at power plants more than the immigrants.

PS if we link to eahc other, it'll help us appear on Google. Do you know how to do that?

cents for sense said...

Hey, maybe more immigrants would decrease outsourcing too--why go all the way to India when people will make a living on little or nothing here.

Seems like your faith in the masses is dying--if it ever existed.