Sunday, January 06, 2008


I have some more ideas for the next post in the series I've started, but I'm going to enjoy my day of rest by watching football and perhaps playing Scrabble.

Quickly, though, Obama looks to be doing well; and while he's preferable to Hillary, simply because he seems like a less dangerous fellow, I'm not certain I see that he's the candidate of "change" that everyone believes him to be. I've never put too much faith in the ability of democrats to think through things, but how much "change" can you expect from a guy who thinks we should attack Pakistan?

I guess you could argue that at least we'll be fighting a different country, but that wasn't the sort of change I had in mind. Regardless, Ron Paul seems to be doing well, so those of us who are looking for some real change have someone to support, at least for now.

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