Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire

Ron Paul finished in fifth with eight percent. He even finished behind the fascistic Giuliani.

I thought Paul would do better, and I'm disappointed in the "independents" in New Hampshire, to say nothing of the Republicans who lined up like little lambs to vote for McCain, who is to the left of Bush, and Romney, who is a republican version of John Kerry--flip-flop don't stop.

Still, I'm not exactly surprised. Liberty is only appealing to a limited number of people. Thanks to universal suffrage, the mess of charlatans making preposterous promises about what the government will do to serve us will always outperform someone whose only ambition is to restore accountability to the government while its ability to give handouts.

In fairness, Paul isn't done yet, especially given the bizarre nature of the republican race. Not only has he done much better than he was expected to do, but there are still a number of people who haven't heard the good doctor's message. Even if we don't win this thing, the Ron Paul Revolution will have freed a number of minds.

On a non-Paul related note, I am not even vaguely looking forward to this race anymore. Every candidate disgusts me; choosing a lesser evil amongst them is like picking out an apartment in one of the rings in Dante's Inferno. It strikes me as inescapable that I will harbor a deep loathing for the next President of the United States. Heaven knows what I'll write about then.

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