Thursday, January 03, 2008


According to Drudge, Paul came in fifth with 10%. Not too shabby for someone who wasn't supposed to have a shot. He should do even better in New Hampshire since the state is filled with independents.

I'm not thrilled with Huckabee's victory, but if we're going to elect a war-mongering Big Government type, he may as well be genuinely anti-abortion. If nothing else, Huckabee's rise proves how little the conservative commentariat understand the base.

It will be interesting to see which candidate drops first. Even though Paul is in fifth, all of his momentum is in the positive direction. He's not dropping out anytime soon.


Doom said...

Well, not really. Iowa has a lot to offer, seriously. There is a fantastic tradition of educational quality, hunting and fishing are easily available, and the people, if not California friendly, when they decide to be friendly are genuinely friendly. Still, as tonight showed, we are a poor lot when it comes to predicting the next president by nominating in our primaries. We are excellent at picking people who will be forgotten a few weeks before the actual election though.

I am a little surprised Paul received 10 percent. I would guess that is from younger voters and a few independent types who registered just for that reason. My second choice, Thompson, did about what I expected. And my top pick faired very poorly (Hunter). But I don't even think about towel throwing at this point. I am sure you don't, by the sounds of it.

I hope your guy doesn't cut and run from the party when he ultimately fails, though I fully expect it. Though I don't think a single vote he receives will be from the republican or conservative pool. If he were an actual Republican, he would have to pass his support within the party. I just don't see that happening. As for most of the Republican front runners, I hope most of them cut and run now. They are just Democrats in Republican bodies. And, yes, they should have their heads examined (by a tiger, a hungry tiger, in close proximity, without bars or guards or guns).

Hmmm? Oh, right. I got lost, found my way here, and started rambling. Stay warm, or cool, or... well, you know.

A Wiser Man Than I said...

I really can't see any of the current crop of Republicans winning a presidential election against the Democrats. Paul has the best shot because he can capture liberals and independents.

This is the first time I've followed a Presidential election closely. I voted for Badnarik in '04, and that didn't require much in the way of following politics.

troutsky said...

Paul was interviewed by Bill Moyers yesterday which was interesting but ignored by the rest of the media, as was Edwards. I feel doom is an apropriate name for a Hunter supporter.

As for Paul, you can always tell a Texan. You just can't tell em much.

A Wiser Man Than I said...

You're a fan of Edwards? His "anti-war" stance seems largely a fabrication; only recently did he say we need to bring the troops home, something Kucinich and Paul have been saying for months.