Thursday, October 11, 2007

They're starting to talk about him

The folks over at NRO aren't ignoring Ron Paul as much as they used to be:

Wars can be financed in ways that lead to inflation, and inflation can further impoverish the poor. But there is no immutable law that makes it true in all times and places that wars lead to inflation and immiseration, and I think that the argument that it is true in our time and place is pretty hard to sustain.

Nonsense. Our wars are costing 1 trillion dollars, all said and done. Unless we're going to cut services, or raise taxes, in order to balance the budget, we're going to cause inflation. You can blame Socialist Security and other entitlement programs if you wish, but we're not any good at losing wars on the cheap, so the military industrial complex deserves a large extent of the blame.

I'm still far from convinced that Paul is going to get the nomination, but he's still hanging around, and people are not taking to any of the major Republican candidates. They might nominate Giuliani anyway, but Hillary is going to slaughter him. So much for pragmatism in politics.

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