Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Their Own Worst Enemy

As anyone who has paid attention well knows, George W. Bush is not a conservative. For those true believers who still support the president, here's one more stab in the back:

[Hillary] Clinton unveiled her plan as Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said President Bush wants to achieve universal health care before he leaves office.

Leavitt told the USA TODAY editorial board that Bush will veto a Democratic plan emerging from Congress that would add $35 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the Children's Health Insurance Program over five years. In doing so, Leavitt said, Bush will urge Congress to join him in seeking coverage for all Americans.

I'm not saying every false conservative turns out to do everything his constituents hate, but Bush is a good indication that a number of reforms enacted by the pretender will be antithetical to the desires of his base.

I keep saying that conservatives had better have learned their lessons by now. But then Bush gives them even more evidence that he despises them. Still, if they don't have things figured out by the time everyone starts writing the "most important election ever" columns, they are not only worthy of the faux-conservatives who march under the republican banner; they are fully deserving of the derision with which such phonies treat them.


troutsky said...

How could we waste 35 billion on childrens health when we need it to fight a counter-insurgency in the Middle East? Thats almost four months worth!

A Wiser Man Than I said...

You're right. I fall before your infallible logic.