Sunday, September 30, 2007

Farewell Sweet Princes!

What a night. I find myself, as I often do on Sunday evenings, listening to Matt Drudge, only to learn that he's giving up the radio gig for good. Tonight marks his last show.

Those who only know Drudge from his website have missed out. His dry humor and timely use of clips from the powers-that-be was amusing, often to the point of hilarity, and also informative. His show will be missed.

Reeling from this blow, I learned that Fred Reed is hanging it up, for--at least--a month. He's probably the best columnist writing today, both funny and poignant. He explains himself in his typically contrarian tone:

The schools are terrible, we know they are terrible, we have known it for decades, and yet they only get worse. The universities are become dumbed-down propaganda chutes, and we know it, yet they only get worse. The War on Drugs is an ineffective farce continued for the benefit of drug lords, and we know it, yet we continue. The racial situation is both grim and stagnant. We have no military enemies, yet spend ever more on “defense.” None of these foolishnesses can be changed. If they could be, by now they would have been.

A train wreck once started goes to completion.

If Pat Buchanan announces that he's hanging it up, I think I may have to go cry.


RegularRon said...

Drudge's radio show is done? Dammit. Besides Coast to Coast Am with George Noory, Drudge is the only one I listen to. He always had Pat Buchanan on, and always was kind to his callers. I have even got to talk to him, on and off the air. He's a good guy.

Love the website. But damn I loved his show.

troutsky said...

Using a trainwreck as an analogy for politics shows the depth of his analysis. Trainwrecks you just watch.If he (or anyone) doesn't think politics work anymore,whining won't change that, only organizing will, organizing around something bold enough and radical enough that it might get to the ROOT of the problem. Pauls nationalistic fervor is not that.