Monday, September 10, 2007

Ron Paul @ Republican Fox Debate 9-5-07

My affinity for Ron Paul is in danger of crossing out of the platonic, but I don't particularly care. Here he is demonstrating why he is the only candidate fit for the presidency.

My article for next week's Lode had already been written. If you guessed that it's a ringing endorsement for Mr. Paul, you'd be right.

It's also worth checking out Vox's column which also focuses on Mr. Paul. Here's a snippet:

Ron Paul threatens the notion of politics as a team sport; his focus on actual constitutional principles makes him equally appealing to anti-occupation, pro-border Democrats as to anti-occupation, pro-border Republicans. That's why he is the only candidate in either party whose support ranges from devout Christian conservatives to gay, peacenik Ralph Nader fans.

I haven't been this giddy about politics since I first discovered talk radio. Hang on tight. It's going to be a fun ride.

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