Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Pro-Life" Fred

Maybe I meant "pro-choice":

Fred Thompson, who is weighing a Republican presidential bid as a social conservative, "has no recollection" of performing lobbying work in 1991 for a family planning group that was seeking to relax an abortion counseling rule, a spokesman said Friday.

In his defense, Fred was drinking like a fish back then, which explains the lack of recollection; and the only reason he was lobbying for the group in the first place was so that he could get laid by pro-choice gals--they being notoriously easy, especially in comparison to the pro-life crowd. I kid, of course.

This strikes me as a non-issue. There are any number of pro-lifers who started out as pro-choicers. Then they spent thirty seconds thinking about the issue, as opposed to merely gaging their feelings, and became pro-life. The pro-life movement has no qualms with converts; this is best typified by the case of Norma McCorvey. So a stint doing time for the abortion crowd in the early 90's doesn't disqualify Fred from the Presidency.

What does disqualify him is that there is no evidence of a McCorvey-like conversion. If he became pro-life sometime in the last fifteen years, we should be able to have proof. Did he write letters condemning abortion? Did he propose, or at least support, bills designed to restrict the so-called right to an abortion? Did he work with pro-life lobbyists? Did he at least attend a prayer vigil aimed at ending the abortion holocaust?

He may have done these things. But if he did, I'm having trouble finding the evidence. In truth, part of it is because I'm not too interested about this issue. I'd rather be reading about the late seventh century.

I wouldn't vote for Fred even if he ran, but pro-lifers need to demand answers from him before they march to the ballot box simply to (try to) prevent a Hillary victory.

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