Sunday, July 08, 2007

Christmas in July

While this should probably wait for five months hence, I will have no doubt forgotten about it by then. This may be well known, but I have only just now heard of it, and it would be most unkind of me to avoid sharing.

A Christmas Wish - New York World, 1890
To the Editor of The World: It is my heart-warm and world-embracing
Christmas hope and aspiration that all of us--the high, the low, the
rich, the poor, the admired, the despised, the loved, the hated, the
civilized, the savage--may eventually be gathered together in a heaven
of everlasting rest and peace and bliss--except the inventor of the

- Mark Twain.

I confess I've read to little of Mr. Twain. In fact I have only read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. There are many books which "everyone must read", but that is assuredly one of them.

In any event, I wonder what the curmudgeonly Twain would have to say about modern society. I rather doubt he would have been wowed by the iPhones.

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