Monday, April 09, 2007

God Disproved

Steve writes:

If there was a god (like the type you and yours asserts) the one sure thing would be that nobody doubted its existence.

I doubt his sincerity. Alternatively I must doubt his intelligence. I see no other recourse. The ability to doubt God's existence is based purely on the fact that we may believe whatever we wish; in other words we have free will. Now I don't know how extensively Steve has studied Christianity, but he should realize that that particular creed believes both in God, and the ability to reject him. Indeed the philosophy is founded on not only the existence of the latter, but its pervasiveness. Christianity postulates a separation between God and man; as part of that separation it may be inferred that God and man do not always see eye to eye. But is a basic tenant, a premise, of a creed the best way to refute that creed? I hardly think so.

Steve and his ilk are going to have to try harder than this.

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