Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gorebal Warming

More from the Gore-man:

"The planet has a fever," Gore said.

and the only prescription... is more cowbell!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'd write more but I'm working on reducing my carbon footprint. The rest of my day will be spent running on a wheel so as to power up my electric generator for future blog posts.


troutsky said...

I saw the movie again last night, (coincidence?)and a guy stood up in front of the crowd at the end and said he was a scientist! oh my! a geophysical engineer, to be exact, and he was here to de-bunk Gores presentation. He worked for the petroleum industry.Though not super intelligible, nor very well sourced, his theory was "increased solar activity was heating the planet CAUSING increased CO2 levels which were mostly from seaweed or plankton or some such".Man caused was insignificant, not a worry. Is this your belief?I know you don't work for Exxon, whats your angle?I was impressed by his gumption, he was in the minority.

Dalton said...

My dad is big on the Gorebal Warming issue too, and I'm surprised to see anyone elso using that term. HE thought he was first, but I gues not. Anyway, he did all this research and found that a single human being would have to warm up a couple billion gallons of water to have all the ocean raise up a couple degrees. Just think about all the land we would have to heat, and all the air. We oculd never have caused global warming. I go around in school to kids who say we caused global warming and ask, "what happened to the Ice Age? Were the dinosuars driving to may SUVs?"
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chris said...

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