Monday, March 12, 2007

Cowardice For the Win

I can't view the video with sound without the risk of waking up my family and getting me into a lot of trouble, but according to Drudge, Giuliani noted back in 1989 that "There must be public funding for abortion." I guess that makes him pro-life.

On his show tonight, Drudge commented on the ubiquity of recorded material in this presidential campaign. Anyone with any character at all is going to generate enough rope with which to be hung; only the most stoic will be able to avoid controversy. Cue the robot Hillary.

Lastly, on an unrelated note, I've found myself commenting on how-things-are rather than how-things-are-perceived far too often. The correct spin on the Edwards' story is that if he can't even handle Fox News, there is no way that people will believe he can be Tough on Terror. The fact that I am far more leery of the government's response to terror than I am of the terrorists themselves is irrelevant, since I am in the smallest of minorities on this one. Just thought I'd point that one out.

UPDATE: I watched the video. If he wins the nomination it's going to be positively riveting watching the republican commentariat explain why we need to vote for Rudy over Hillary. I know I'm not supposed to delight in the triumph of evil, but when it's inevitable, one may as well enjoy it. It's not as if the little man has a voice in this election after all, though I guess we'll get to see a third party candidate post some semi-serious numbers. The election of '08 may not be even vaguely important, despite suggestions to the contrary, except insofar as it provides another data point in the graphing of the ever increasing stupidity of the American public. Go Rudy!

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