Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Go Ron, go!

He's doubled his poll numbers in New Hampshire:

Meanwhile, the percentage of support for Paul grew from 4 percent to 8 percent, putting him fourth among the GOP contenders in the Granite State...

The numbers come out to be:

Romney 33%

McCain 18

Giuliani 16

Paul 8

Huckabee 5

Thompson 4

While it's refreshing to see that Paul's support continues to grow, it's also good to see that no one is buying into the Huckster or Fred. Remember, the only reason Fred is in the race is because Rudy McRomney isn't ready to play road kill to the Lizard Queen. Meanwhile, Huck's support is strictly an Iowan phenomenon; once the social conservatives wake up and realize he's not one of them, the Huckster should fade.

As long as the party can't find someone to support to get beat by Hillary, Paul has a shot. Here's hoping he doubles his numbers again in the coming month.

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