Monday, August 22, 2005

Gas Prices

As I am sure my driving readers are well aware of, gas prices are higher than normal. While this has sent many a folk into many a tizzy, I prefer to calmly analyze the situation to see the gas prices mean in the grander scheme of things.

First, this once proud country does not know what sacrifice means, nor perhaps, are we capable of it. Time brings out the best in people I suppose, and the WWII generation certainly rose to the occasion, but I have a hard team believing modern Americans could handle even a not so great depression.

The complaining over gas prices is humorous if looked at in the correct light. The great depression brought unemployment rates to twenty-five percent. But if gas dare hit three bucks a gallon, well, the whining will be loud.

Also, we are involved in a war. Okay, so technically it's a conflict since Congress is too busy with whatever it is our representatives do. Oh, that's right, while they were ignoring their constituional duty to declare war they were worried about baseball's steroid scandal. Someone may want to tell those fellows what it is they are supposed to be doing.

Anyway, with the conflict in Iraq, should come sacrifice. Ignoring the righteousness of the war for a moment, with an increase in defense spending for a war should come a decrease in fiscal spending, a tightening of the collective belt so to speak. Suffice it to say this hasn't happened, and one really wonders what kind of war we would have to fight to get Americans to suffer a little. If we can't hack "high" gas prices, I shudder to think what would happen if serious sacrifice were required.

If gas prices are such a problem, I have some suggestions. How about, drive less. Sell that SUV and buy a little four-banger. The vitriol over SUVs from the left has always bugged me because as soon as the gas prices get too high, the SUV becomes impractical economically speaking. Let the market do its beautiful work.

Also, I realize gas is important because we all need transportation. Let's re-examine where we are transporting ourselves to, shall we? Maybe we don't need to go out on the town all the time, or maybe, if we bought less junk, we'd have more money for the gas to drive little Suzy to soccer practice. Just a thought, but a little reprioritizing couldn't hurt.

One last point--though there are others--if I may. This is what happens when the market is not allowed to work. Gas prices are regulated by the government. Let's give the "laissez-faire" thing a shot, oh can't we please? We may all be pleased with the results.

Next time one hears someone complain about gas prices, take the time to think about what it may mean on a more significant level. And then smile because high prices are bringing those precious alternative fuels to the forefront faster than one can say, well, "three bucks a gallon."


Regular Ron said...

Man..where ya been?? Thought you fell of the face of the earth.

Good to have you back my friend.

Now, get to bloggin my fellow Defender of the Faith


A Wiser Man Than I said...

I went home for a week. I don't usually get a chance to blog when I'm home. Now I'm back though.

troutsky said...

You can be excused for your faith in the "free market" because of your youth and socialization but you might want to try a little Ricardo and Marx along with your Adam Smith and Friedman. Look into "external costs" and "free flow of information" , maybe even monopolization, before bowing to the new God.

A Wiser Man Than I said...

Thank you for extending to me courtesy over my age and what I will call naivete. Perhaps you are right, and if so, I hope I eventually come to realize it.

I'll get around to Marx and Ricardo eventually. So much to read, so little time...

You might want to try a little Ayn Rand.