Sunday, July 24, 2005

Clandestine Washington Politics (Not as Usual)

Okay, something is definitely up in Washington. According to Drudge, Hillary Clinton is planning on voting for Roberts confirmation. While this does fit with my earlier comments on how we will once again have a Clinton in the white house in '08, the lack of credible opposition to Roberts is a bit confusing.

Senator Hillary Clinton has confided to associates that she intends to vote FOR Bush Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Unless some unforeseen development occurs around Roberts, Clinton will throw her support behind confirmation, says a top source.

"Look, we're not thrilled President Bush is in office and gets to make these choices," said a top Hillary source, "but we have to make the best of the situation until the next election!"

With her support of Roberts, Clinton ignores pressure from the reactionary-activist wing of the Democrat party.

"She is simply doing what is right for the country, not MOVEON.ORG," the Clinton insider explained.

That burn on is especially delicious. I am sure somewhere, George Soros is weeping profoundly.

Either there is some dastardly conspiracy afoot, or one of two more realistic things have occured. First, Roberts could be a moderate and Hillary and company know it. Secondly, the democrats are being practical. They cannot defeat Roberts without hurting themselves in the upcoming election.

Of course, the democrats could be just playing nice for once. Somehow I doubt it.

This nomination process could be considerably less partisan than I predicted. If Roberts is as conservative as I've been led to believe and he'll sail through the senate... wow. It would be the best news bar-none for conservatives since this administration began.

As a member of the extreme right, I am used to not getting what I want. What scares me ironically is when my schemes are actually implemented by those who represent me. It might just be my relentless pessimism, but I smell foul.

Something tells me that Hillary has a trick up her sleeve. This nomination process could get really interesting if something were to come out about Roberts for instance.

Then again, I could be completely wrong and this could all go off without a hitch. I've been wrong before.

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Regular Ron said...

Yeah, I'm with ya. Something is up. Specialy when that bo legged broad is agreeing with the Repub's.

I don't trust that woman, as far as I can throw her. I'm getting pretty worried now.

Thanks for pointing that out.