Monday, September 02, 2013

Party politics

In a recent piece over at VDare, John Derbyshire observes:

To be interested in party politics nowadays, other than as a clash of personalities—which anyway happens much more within parties than between them—is a puzzling but harmless eccentricity, like stamp collecting...

A friend quipped to me recently that the GOP is just the Democratic Party with an anti-abortion plank. That’s depressingly close to the truth.

Precisely right.

There are two takeaways from this tawdry state of affairs. First, disengage from party politics; or, if one remains engaged, do so in full knowledge that one is engaged in a "harmless eccentricity."  There is much for to be said for politics as a humorous diversion.  If one prefers one's comedy dark, what could be more amusing than a Nobel Peace Prize winning president lobbing bombs indiscriminately at the Middle East, just like his cowboy predecessor?  If not exactly edifying, there is nonetheless an appeal to this level of decay.

Second, that which cannot continue eventually stops.  Naturally, the precise manner in which affairs will be altered is impossible to foresee.  Still, it seems unlikely that our bifactional ruling party will be able to thwart the will of the people forever--or even, very much longer. 

Perhaps the solution will be political, which is to say, reasonably peaceful.  Or maybe, as Jefferson put it, the tree of liberty will be watered with the blood of patriots.  We can only wait and watch.


Doom said...

I groan while I laugh, at it all, but both go forth with great issuance, gusto. Well, and tears if more on the inside.

I bumped into some former knuckleheads at Burning Man, knuckleheads from the left, me being from conservative circles. I found much more in common with them than what I see in Republican circles. I am hoping that is more analogy to what is happening in broader domestic political circles than just a random... odd meeting of minds.

Be it war or politics, something has to give. Here is to the hope that, one way or the other we all win. *cheers*

A Wiser Man Than I said...

You went to Burning Man, eh?

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

Doom said...

Hmm, I think you would be surprised. I know I was. I went to test my physical form in the desert, camping, even if with others around. Well, and to see if my old style life, minus the drugs, would tempt me. I actually found some interesting people there. Plus I survived with nary even failing to the strongest of temptations. Child's play for me at this point. If I still need work, as we all must. And... maybe I found a bit of a mission.

Why are people all fired up to go to Africa or India or S. America to offer the word while ignoring their brothers and sisters right over there? Probably that hatred for America that has snuck into most churches, all academics, and into general life? Hate yourself, and your neighbors, as you wish, but at your peril.