Saturday, July 16, 2011

Newt so good with money

The loathsome Newt Gingrich has some bad news. His campaign is evidently over one million in debt. Were this an Onion article, we would get a quote from one of his campaign staff noting that this is good preparation for becoming president of a nation which is many trillions in debt. Alas, this is not satire, this is merely an establishment Republican candidate who is so inept that Fred Thompson is embarrassed.

With the notable exception of Ron Paul, none of the Republican presidential candidates have shown that they understand two very important things. First, the country cannot return to solvency by closing loopholes in the tax code and defunding Obamacare. Social Security and Medicare are both bankrupt; in the short term they can be financed through the general fund--so long as everything else is cut--but in the longer term, even this is unsustainable. Second, in addition to being extremely costly, the Empire foments hatred of the U.S., which is to say that endless wars are counter to the ends at which our country is aiming. Any candidate who professes to tackle out debt problem while leaving military cuts off the table cannot be taken seriously.

One last note. Since Ron Paul is no longer running for Congress, he could run as a third party candidate. I do not expect him to do this, as the primary intention of his campaign is to spread the message of liberty, but it is interesting nonetheless. When the idiot Republicans nominate someone else, Dr. Paul will be able to return to his home to be with his family in retirement--one that is well deserved for the only public servant for whom the appellation is not disappropos.

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