Tuesday, March 08, 2011

NOR letter and reponse

For the last several years, I have read the New Oxford Review, a very good Catholic periodical. A book review therein was how I was made aware of Christopher Ferrara's book, The Church and the Libertarian, which I in turn reviewed.

Before I had read the book, I sent out a letter to the NOR, which they were kind enough to publish in the last issue. The author of the review responded to my letter. Both can be read here.

I have nothing to offer by way of response at this time. Although I am indebted to the Austrians and still consider myself a libertarian, I ought to put together a post clarifying my position regarding some shortcomings of the ideology. I hesitate to do so only because, while I can manage a critique, it will be much harder to sketch a suitable alternative.

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troutsky said...

Welcome to the "unresolved tension" my friend, glad to see you are still investigating with an open mind. It is rare indeed.

The thing to start with might be listing some values you support, but stay away from freedom for the time being. Too often the charge attached to the word makes approaching it too soon fruitless, in my opinion.

I also think spiritual traditions all around the world ( especially Islam) are involved in the same epic struggle to reconcile doctrine and values, if that is any comfort.