Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Column - 08/28/2010

This week's column:

“There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.” – Garet Garrett, “The Revolution Was”

Among libertarians and contrarians of a conservative bent, it is customary to discuss the moment in history when the American Republic went awry, degenerating into an Empire and making inevitable its demise.

A small group of hardliners insist that the original mistake was ratifying the Constitution. The anti-federalists were right; the Articles of Confederation ought to have remained in place. Though drafted for noble purposes, the Constitution could too easily serve ignoble ends. The very document which enshrined limited government contained the seeds by which tyranny could grow unchecked.

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