Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kidnapping the children, for the children

By now, everyone knows a little bit about the Texas polygamous "cult", and the allegations made by CPS to provide cover for their little kidnapping. I've neglected to cover the topic, because Vox Day has covered it here, here, and also on his blog--most recently here. Ilana Mercer has also done a good job covering the kidnapping.

Still, this is a big story, and deserves comment simply for that reason. Ilana summarizes the point nicely:

Whether they are "plural" or single, Wicca or just weird, bohemian or bourgeoisie – parents should take the kids and skedaddle when they hear that phrase "in the best interests of the child." It is simply a license for the state to substitute its own judgment for that of the parents. Today, it's polygamist parents – Kool-Aid drinkers is Bill O'Reilly's favored sobriquet. Tomorrow, it'll be the offspring of homeschoolers or global warming deniers.

I merely add that a nation that allows more than four-hundred to be taken from their parents on the basis of a fraudulent allegation--the woman who originally called in the complaint wasn't in the compound--without a smidgen of due process is not free. Worse, a nation that accepts such a blatant abuse of government power lacks the will necessary to secure its freedom.

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