Monday, February 18, 2008

EP vs. Vox

Going up against an Internet superintelligence isn't always a good idea, but I'm with the weaker horse in this debate as Equus Pallidus takes on Vox Day. The topic: the Reformation.

The fingers of Protestantism have given more ammo to the atheistic community. They can now legitimately say, which version of Christianity do you believe. Even the Devil knows there is only one truth and that truth is the Roman Catholic Church and its authority.

I don't think EP makes his case completely--it's a fairly short post--but he quotes from Hilaire Belloc's How the Reformation Happened which Vox, and anyone who wants to understand the Reformation, would do well to read. Alas, it, like all of Belloc's books, suffers from lack of footnotes.

I'm very interested to see what Vox--a Southern Baptist if memory serves--has to say to my fellow Roman Catholic, EP. I may even have to hop in there myself and join the fray.

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Kevin said...

Hey Eric, I read this article but frankly I'm not nearly well informed enough to have a clue what you're talking about ;)

So I'm posting this for a totally seperate reason.

First of all, I'm a terrible writer, as I've mentioned before. So please do your best to overlook that fact ;).

Second, although I have to admit that I haven't read all of your articles or blog posts or anything of the sort I really respect you and enjoy a good portion of your thoughts that I've heard/understood. Not always because I agree with you but because I enjoy sorting through what you say and sorting out the good quality stuff that I think makes sense and learning something from it. I enjoy it because I think at least a good portion of what you think is based on real logic unaffected by "social constructs" or whatever you might call the pressure society exerts on beliefs/moral issues/what is politically correct. Wow I have no idea what I just said. Moving on...

My question is, where does your "logic" leave off and religion begin? Are they the same thing for you, or do you believe your faith is seperate from your logic? Is there a point where you say to yourself, "this is where my faith picks up, and my logic just doesn't matter"? I've never understood how somebody could have "faith" because one of my beliefs is that faith is something anybody can have about anything, and so faith in one thing is equal to faith in another thing. Anything that isn't based in logic or fact has equal weight to any other thing that is not based in logic or fact. So then I think, well, what use is faith then if I can have faith in anything? I think the hard part would be having faith in the first place and having the faith embedded in you enough (I'm not nessisarily talking about it being pounded into you by your parents/etc though often times I think that's the case) that it's just there and always will be. If that makes sense.

I'm personally agnostic (I BELIEVE that at least at this point in time we can't know whether there is a "greater power", though I tend to THINK that there is no God, at least not in any religous sense of the word).

So I'm really just currious what your stance is on your own Christianity. How does your faith work? Care to share?