Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good Old Pragmatism

Although I no longer call the party my political home, I save a special place in my heart for loathsome moderate Republicans. Enter the epitome thereof, my Senator, Norm Coleman.

Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman (R) knows he is high on the Democrats’ wish list this cycle and the first Rasmussen Reports Senate poll for Election 2008 shows the incumbent starting off below the 50% level of support. A survey of 500 Likely Voters finds Coleman leading Al Franken (D) 46% to 36% with 10% saying they’d vote for a third party option.

Generally speaking, incumbents who poll below 50% are considered potentially vulnerable.

I don't like Franken of course, but it won't be all that disappointing seeing Norm lose to the comedian. Political pragmatism always fails, and I can't help but believe that even swing voters hold a secret grudge against unprincipled hacks who always inhabit the middle of the always in flux political spectrum.

An admittedly premature good riddance Norm. Thanks for the Wild.


troutsky said...

Is he one of those sort-of-for-the-war-support-the-troops guys? I know I don't like him but can't think of specifically why.Franken is a support-the-troops-war -is -mismanaged type liberals i shun.

A Wiser Man Than I said...

Pretty much. The man is too slippery to be trusted. He's also an ex-democrat, and while I have no problem with a man seeing the error of his ways and changing sides, his move seemed to be almost purely pragmatic.

Hopefully there will be a third party candidate in the race.