Sunday, November 15, 2015

Islam and the West

I write this following the latest attack by Muslim terrorists.  This time, the target was Paris, and some 129 of its citizens have been murdered. 

I adore the West and although I possess not a drop of French blood, I have a special fondness for France, the eldest daughter of the Church.  When Clovis, leader of the Franks, was being instructed in the Faith, he became enraged upon learning of the death of Christ, informing his teachers that he and his men would never have allowed such a thing to happen.  Although the point of the crucifixion escaped him, one wishes someone in France would take up the mantle of Clovis.  His spirit is needed in a country gone soft in mind and body.

It has been almost fifteen years since the West was reminded of Islam on September 11th.  Since then, we have fought a totally ineffective war on pockets of insurgents.  Ineffective is, in some ways, an understatement, for our efforts have only served to further radicalize our enemy as well as increase their number.  We have done little more than fan the flames of violence.

Worse, we have pretended that by fighting the terrorists "over there", we could be made safe at home.  And we did so while importing millions from lands that reliably produced terrorists.  The rationale has been, not all Muslims fly planes into buildings--or kill people at concert halls.  That is as true as it is beside the point. 

There is no group of people that is uniformly murderous.  Even if the category were IRA members, there were those who pulled the trigger and those who ran logistics.  What matters is the amount of damage even a small amount of committed fanatics can inflict upon a populace, as the IRA did in Northern Ireland. 

From that standpoint, it is clear that importing millions of Muslims is a bad bargain.  Granted, one cannot put a price on flooding once Christian Europe with those who despise it, for our elites see Muslims as an ally against the Christian enemy.  But surely dead Parisians, or train passengers in Madrid, must be weighed in the balance against sticking it to the benighted believers.

This tragedy was completely unnecessary.  Europe is a Christian thing gone apostate.  Only briefly, and under conquest, has it been Muslim to any significant extent.  There was no reason to import millions of Muslims given that a portion of them are intent on the destruction of the West.  One can only conclude that our myopic leaders see this destruction as a good thing.

There are plenty of Muslim countries.  Wonderful ones, really, where female circumcision, cousin marriage and honor killings are orders of the day.  There is no tradition of freedom of speech, either, especially when it comes to criticism of the Prophet.  Is it really xenophobic extremism to insist that Muslims remain in their own wretched lands, while the westerners retains our own?

Our foolish President made reference to universal values in his lamentations for the attack on Paris.  But such values do not exist, as even a cursory glance at the Muslim world shows.  Obama is blameworthy for his idiotic meddling in Syria, which has precipitated the crisis.  We should resolve to leave the Middle East well enough alone.  In the meantime, the refugees should be settled in that part of the world.  One hears nice things about Saudi Arabia.  

Some day, the West will awake from its somnolence.  The sooner we do so, the sooner we can extricate ourselves from Islam with the least amount of violence.  Prolonging the inevitable separation will only render the affair more painful. 

In other words, if the sensible parties refuse to take this matter seriously, if they march in solidarity but do nothing to address the problem of Muslim immigration, the people will turn to someone who will.  If the elites consider Le Pen and Trump to be Nazis, they should wait and see who comes next.

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